how to Review On App

Everyone read this
To make Ur Reviews shown in playstore
1. Download the app completely

2. Give a Star on App
3. Write a review at least 2 lines
4. Don't write nice app, super app like that
5. Write about the app features , functionality like that
6. Atleast keep the app in Ur device 3 days(most of apps will be less than 5 mb)
7.dont do more than 3 REVIEWS in one device device​.
To check whether Ur Reviews are showing or not do the following Use different Id in which u haven't provided that Review, then go to review section and there u see many Reviews . Now find Ur whether Reviews are visible or not. If visible send that proof and get payment easily. If u downloaded the app and write the review and then uninstalled means definitely Google will delete Ur REVIEWS in 2-3 days and that's why most developers pay only after 3-4 days and that's the reason for delayed payment. Any doubt Comment below
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